Saturday, 7 December 2013

Probably the funniest thing to happen during a Sunday league match?

Just thought I'd share a funny little incident I had during one of my matches a few months back.

In the Welsh league I referee in, I had a derby between 2 teams who have the same home pitch. One team (the 'away' team) only had 9 players, and the 'home' team had 11.

I gave a free kick to the home team for a handball, and when they took it it went straight to their striker who was clearly in an offside position. I then blew and signalled for the offside, when I hear some man shout from the sideline:

'You can't be offside from a free kick referee! That's bloody basics that is, get a grip ref you're having a shocker!'

I turn to look at him and he is going mental, throwing his arms all over the place and screaming at me like a man possessed, and I can't help but laugh so I say to him 'just calm down mate, you can be offside from a free kick' then turn to restart the game.

He continues to shout abuse at me, and when I turn round again he is being restrained by the manager who calms him down, but then he kicks a ball on the sideline out of the field and into the sea, frightening some birds who then squawk incredibly loudly and fly away, but then they turn around and fly over our pitch - and one of them drops a bomb on the man who kicked the ball!

All the players were wetting themselves laughing, as was I, so I had to stop the game.

It's what makes refereeing Sunday league football worthwhile!!!